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Craft tradition

The traditional figure of the caviar expert is the foundation of our method. They are responsible for selecting the raw material at the place of origin, deciding on its saltiness and controlling the required maturation so that the caviar offers its maximum expression in terms of flavours and texture. Packaging at the correct moment is key for the product to reach its highest level on the palate.

Sustainable commitment

The fish farms we work with are located in countries where caviar has been traditionally produced over generations. All our producers come from small family businesses that cherish the product. We value that sturgeons are raised in natural environments and spend most of their lives in a state of semi-wild conditions within their own natural habitat.

We are directly involved in this production process, personally supervising the different processing stages of the same, and selecting the sturgeons with the best features.

Our fish farms actively participate in sturgeon habitat recovery programs and periodically release both fry and adult specimen to ensure the survival of the species. The aim is for the sturgeon population to be healthy and stable enough in a short-term future in order to be able to provide the desired wild caviar.

CITES Certificates

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora is an international agreement among governments involved in the international trade ofwild animals and plants, which is intended to protect the interests of threatened species. All authentic sturgeon caviar products are required to have the CITES code on the label of each tin.

On the back of all authentic caviar tins there are a series of letters and numbers that inform consumers about the product they are purchasing. See below an explanation on how to read this label, so that you are aware of what you are buying or eating, when and where it was processed, and who produced it.

At Sturios Caviar we acquire 1.8 kg of caviar maturing tins and repackage them in smaller formats in order to offer the highest quality and freshness of caviar.



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