CITES Certificates

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora is an international agreement among governments involved in the international trade ofwild animals and plants, which is intended to protect the interests of threatened species. All authentic sturgeon caviar products are required to have the CITES code on the label of each tin.

On the back of all authentic caviar tins there are a series of letters and numbers that inform consumers about the product they are purchasing. See below an explanation on how to read this label, so that you are aware of what you are buying or eating, when and where it was processed, and who produced it.

At Sturios Caviar we acquire 1.8 kg of caviar maturing tins and repackage them in smaller formats in order to offer the highest quality and freshness of caviar.

Our CITES certificate is:

Example of label:
Hus: 3-letter code identifying the packaged species stipulated by CITES.

C: code that identifies the source of the specimen, C for “Captive Bred”.

IR: ISO code of the country of origin, here “Iran”.

2019: year of repackaging, here 2019.

ES: code that identifies Spain.

12.0238800: code of STURIOS CAVIAR, caviar repackaging company.

zzz: lot identification number.


Species Code Tradename
Acipenser baerii BAE SIberiano
Acipenser gueldenstaedtii GUE Osetra
Acipenser persicus PER Sevruga
Acipenser ruthenus RUT Sterlet
Acipenser schrenckii SCH Schrenkii
Huso dauricus DAU Kaluga
Huso huso HUS Beluga
Hybrid specimens: code for the male species x code for the female species
Acipenser schrenckii x Huso dauricus SCH x DAU Amur
Huso huso x Acipenser ruthenus HUS x RUT Bester



Production Origin Countries Endemic species
Iranian Style Mar Caspio Azerbaiyán (AZ)

Irán (IR)

Kazajstán (KZ)

Turkmenistán (TM)

Acipenser gueldenstaedtii 

Acipenser persicus 

Huso huso

Russian Style Mar Negro y Bajo Danubio Bulgaria (BG)

Rumania (RO)


Moldavia (MD)

Acipenser gueldenstaedtii 

Acipenser ruthenus 

Huso huso

Huso huso x Acipenser ruthenus

Río Amur China (CN)


Acipenser schrenckii 

Huso dauricus

Acipenser schrenckii x Huso dauricus 

Mar de Azov Rusia (RU)

Ucrania (UA)

Acipenser gueldenstaedtii 

Huso huso


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