How is caviar prepared and served for consumption?

Caviar should be served cold, preferably in a bowl with a bed of crushed ice to keep atemperature of about 7 degrees. It is best eaten alone so that its flavour is better perceived. Nevertheless it is usually served on toast or blinis, as well as with cream cheese, hard-boiled eggs, boiled potatoes or chopped onion.

Taking about 3 grams (approximately half a teaspoon) would be the ideal in order to taste it first and accustom our palate to it. Then it is recommended to take a whole teaspoon, about 7 grams, making the roe move inside the mouth resulting in an incredible explosion of flavour.

Caviar can be accompanied by a glass of cava or champagne, or a good dry white wine. For instance, Russian people usually drink cold vodka with it. It is advisable not to use metal spoons, since they alter the quality and the taste of caviar. The best spoon options are those made of porcelain, glass, mother-of-pearl or plastic.

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